Getting my 4 yr into kindergarden?

Answer I think you should leave her in the montessori school for another year and then let her start kindergarten. All public schools are required to provide services for children who are advanced. If y... Read More »

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My sons getting bad grades in kindergarden?

Help him with his homework. If he doesn't have any,talk with his teacher and find out what the problem is.

What is the age that a child need to go to pre-kindergarden and to kindergarden in Louisiana please help txs?

I live in Ascension Parish in Louisiana, and they normally have a program called Head-start, children can begin to attend Head start at the age of 3, but the must be potty train, when the child rea... Read More »

Why is it that sisters' behavior towards siblings don't change after getting boyfriend or husband but brothers' often changes after getting into romantic relationship and they start ignoring siblings?

who told boys (i.e) brothers get changed when they get a girl friend? they never change in there char....... they want to take care of the girl who came for him.. so they show there love , care ..e... Read More »

Kindergarden Question?

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