Getting into a computers insides?

Answer You can only upgrade a laptops ram and hard drive.Upgrading the hard drive will make things load faster, which definitely improves overall computer performance. So if you have a 5400rpm drive, its ... Read More »

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Did you ever see your insides?

What? They gave you a cd?Can we watch that on Valentines? Seriously I'm interested :-)Put it on you tube with the tag ~ 12 kidneys . I reckon you will be an Internet sensation!!! ( sorry..even MORE... Read More »

Always biting the insides of my cheeks..?

ohh i used to do that. I just made myself stop, and after a while it was fine and I did even feel like doing it. For you, is it a habit or is it just impossible not to because your cheeks go in so ... Read More »

What is a good way to clean my body (insides)?

One of the simplest way to detoxify is to drink tea. Tea cleanses your gastrointestinal tract leaving you feeling refreshed after a cup. Drinking a lot of water also cleanses your body. Fasting wou... Read More »

Do I need to clean the rust on the insides of a woodburning stove?

If you are not going to use it as a stove again there is no reason you cannot just rub it down to remove the rust and paint it internally with the same specialist black paint you use on the outside... Read More »