Getting in the Swim?

Answer If you would like to make a monkey symbol using your keyboard, you can by entering a combination of symbols that form a code in your HTML-based website or blog. Make sure you are entering your code... Read More »

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How to Swim the Butterfly Stroke without Getting Tired?

If you are really good in swimming and have nothing to do, learn the butterfly stroke. This article will tell you how to swim the butterfly stroke without getting tired. It is a very challenging st... Read More »

What are the differences between learning to swim and learning to swim well?

If you had to swim in soda, what kind of soda would you swim in and why?

I'd swim in Dr. Pepper and have a water fight in it, and we can also drink it ;)

Can you swim in a swim dress?

On One Hand: Swim Dresses Designed For SwimmingSwim dresses are traditional bathing suits with a flared skirt and designed for swimming. They often have more material, though, which can float up ar... Read More »