Getting clean water from tap?

Answer there are ALOT of options but Brita-Filters are my favorite and they are decently priced…

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How do I clean hard water stains from hot water tanks?

Lemon JuiceTurn off your hot water tank, and let it cool for at least an hour before attempting any hard water stain removal methods. Pour a small amount of lemon juice on a clean rag or sponge. Sc... Read More »

How to Stop Water From Getting in Motor Oil?

Water inside your motor's engine oil is generally not a good thing, and it typically gets inside due to condensation and wet driving conditions. Although it's not always a serious problem (small am... Read More »

How to Keep Chickens' Water From Getting Slimy?

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Can drinking lots of water prevent you from getting the swine flu?

i doubt it as swine flu is airborn (through sneezes and coughs), but i'd imagine you would eventually drown yourself from drinking too much water, or over hydrate yourself.