Getting braces soon , and I'm really worried about this?

Answer The orthodontist will find a way to bring that tooth forward don't worry, its very very very very unlikely it will have to come out :)

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Getting braces off and worried about cavities!! Help:(?

OHMYGOD. I'm literally going through the same exact thing right now which is why I'm even in this section of YA. My ortho kind of hates me so I've been scared to ask him because in the beginning I ... Read More »

Getting braces soon and I have a question about the procedure?

I don't really understand, I also had a huge gap, but now i have a small one, but I never heard about the " snapping " thing. If you wan't to know the real procedure of putting braces on, then i ca... Read More »

Getting really paranoid about my braces!!?

Each phase of braces adjusts things like a domino effect - one thing has to move before the thing next to it can move, and it's unusual for any treatment plan to last fewer than 12 months. That's ... Read More »

Scared about getting this out of my system as soon as possible?

Nope, you are toast. the best thing that could happen is you fail your test and get put in a program to help you kick your habit.I wish you well.