Getting braces off and worried about cavities!! Help:(?

Answer OHMYGOD. I'm literally going through the same exact thing right now which is why I'm even in this section of YA. My ortho kind of hates me so I've been scared to ask him because in the beginning I ... Read More »

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Getting braces soon , and I'm really worried about this?

The orthodontist will find a way to bring that tooth forward don't worry, its very very very very unlikely it will have to come out :)

Getting two cavities done at once Help?

First of all I'm a senior dental student and >> 8 teeth extracted at once !!! Wow, you are really brave & i don't think you should be worrying at all , filling cavities is like the easiest thing co... Read More »

Worried about braces!?

-You will feel an irritable pain in your teeth for up to a week after getting your braces, but the pain will gradually decrease as time goes by. This is simply your teeth adjusting to the braces.-I... Read More »

Braces! HELP! Really worried!?

I have braces too. For a year and a half almost. I'll start by giving some real information. The place around your braces is a heaven for bacteria to work. When it is not clean there, they start to... Read More »