Getting braces and I was wondering?

Answer They normally only take out premolars.

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Getting braces and wondering......?

They will be sure to tell you all the foods you are to avoid, basically just chewy stuff that could get stuck and/or mess with the brackets. Now here is the process they use to put braces on [you d... Read More »

Just wondering how i can take my braces off my teeth myself?

Dont you like your teeth or something? I mean REALLY Hate them? so much that you'd want to pull them out yourself or something?! Even if you did manage some how to get them off without pulling your... Read More »

Braces painful...wondering?

Only a little for the first few days. If they cut into the sides of her mouth they will hurt for a few days, then callous so you can't feel it.And when they tighten them, add rubber bands, etc. S... Read More »

I am getting braces 2moro,excited,wondering?

heey :) i was just like you. i had braces top and bottom and i was also a flyer in cheerleading. braces just push your teeth into the proper spot , and make them perfectly straight. and dont be sca... Read More »