Getting a facebook...?

Answer If your 13+ which I'm guessing you are because you have to be 13+ to be here on Y!A then it's fine and legal!If you want one, sign up for one.(:

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Do you regret getting the Facebook timeline?

Some people may regret it. But I liked it. Really transforms the profile into something personal. And I thought that that was what facebook is all about, YOU. I waited before I got it just to make ... Read More »

How can i stop getting facebook notifications?

Stop having friends? That's kind of the point if Facebook. Getting notifications, friend invites, and messages. But if you're talking about you're email then you can disable notifications being sen... Read More »

Why am I getting a Facebook error on my iPhone ?

maybe poor internet connection...but if it's and app try deleting and re-installing it again

How to Avoid Getting Caught on Facebook?

Have you ever had a Facebook withdrawal while you were at work or school and really wanted to check your Facebook profile? You can follow these simple steps to help you not get caught on Facebook!