Getting a chest tat tomorrow,need opinions?

Answer buy emla cream it freezes the area i used it when i got a tata on my back and i really didn't feel anything you can by this from any drug store its over the counter stuff and not that expencive...g... Read More »

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Opinions, was the guy right about getting a camcorder?

HDD camcorders record in mpeg2 format - same as the DVD you would experience the same difficulties in editing the HDD videos.I assume that you will be doing lots of editing for you... Read More »

Thinking of getting a new PC with Vista....all opinions welcome (good and bad)?

Recommend getting more that 2GB of ram if possible. because it takes nearly a 1gig of ram to run the software properly. Its MS best OS yet, but still not as good as it could be. Less crashes and cr... Read More »

Can homeowners' association officers implement rules or policies without getting opinions from the residents?

You need to review the documents that created the homeowner's association. Those documents set forth the powers of the HOA. Those powers usually include a right to modify, delete and add new rules ... Read More »

Why do I keep on getting chest pain when I'm upset?

When upset, tense, angry, stressed, shock, fight and all similars, The body's immune systems immediately starts damage control excercise. It does so by conusuming whatever B.Complex is available in... Read More »