Getting a boob job soon, any advice?

Answer Hmmm... i already read a few immature responses... feeble attempts to be funny.since it seems you are gonna go for it, then you obviously researched it and have specific reasons for wanting this... Read More »

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I am getting contacts soon, any good advice?

never sleep wearing them don't put eye drops while they are in

Getting Braces Soon... Advice of before & after?

It's not that bad. And maybe I only say that now I have them off:) But it's really worth itBe really careful for the first 2-3 weeks, just so that the glue can dry. After that, no one really follow... Read More »

Does getting braces hurt I am getting them soon.?

Ok, I won't lie...It hurts a little when you get them on but it's like for a minute. Once you get them on, you'll be like "This isn't bad. Everyone said they hurt but not for me" But that statem... Read More »

I am a man and i am thinking about getting a boob job to a 40dd becasue i love the way the femle body looks.?

I think if you like it, than that's fine. I