Getting Wrinkles Out of Velvet Fabric?

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How to Get Wrinkles Out of Velvet?

Velvet is a luxurious fabric that needs extra care to keep it looking beautiful. When velvet is woven, extra fibers are added to the weave. They are then clipped, which creates velvet's texture and... Read More »

What is velvet fabric?

Velvet fabric is a luxurious fabric commonly found used in evening wear and upholstery. Made from a variety of fibers, the designation velvet isn't given to a certain type of fiber but the way that... Read More »

Who invented velvet fabric?

The inventor of velvet is unknown, however, its use in Western society is better documented. It is believed that Arabian merchants brought the fabric to Italy nearly a 1,000 years ago from the East... Read More »

How to Make Panne Velvet Fabric?

The term "panne," derived from the French meaning for "plush," describes velvet fabric with a high-luster sheen finish. It also refers to satin-faced velvet or silk material. Velvets feature extra ... Read More »