Getting Rid of Tan Lines?

Answer Learning mathematics can be a challenge. Understanding this particular field of science requires a student to adopt a certain way of thinking and logical deduction, which not all children can achie... Read More »

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How to Keep Facial Lines From Getting Worse?

Aging is a natural body process. While we strive for a long, healthy life, it doesn't mean the results of aging are greeted with enthusiasm. Facial lines appear as the skin experiences a loss of el... Read More »

Will getting a new ink cartridge make the print lines disappear ?

it's usually low ink though sometimes it's a partially clogged head. replacing the cartridge usually solves both because the printer runs through a charging process on a new cartridge which can pus... Read More »

I am getting these thin white lines and dots in the black ink when printing?

Most likely it's due to the recycled ink cartridge. The cartridge may be old & slightly worn out & shouldn't have been recycled. The nozzles are probably slightly dirty or slightly larger than they... Read More »

My TV has started getting lines across the screen and making a high pitched noise, whats wrong with it?

dry joints or l.o.t. playing up not a diy job