Getting New Computer Parts.?

Answer Because of 2 GTX 450s and to Mobos you have saved about $400-$800. We can't say a definite value as some of them are very old and not even in stocks. But remember you should buy a new processor. Yo... Read More »

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Is computer engineering hard Is it fun Do you actually design parts in the computer?

^^^^^^^^^ Ignore Colanth. He doesn't even have a college degree.Computer Engineering major will ALWAYS deal with some aspects of software making process. Without being a computer programmer, there'... Read More »

What computer parts do I need to buy in order to assemble a desktop computer?

The first step to building a computer is acquiring the parts. This guide will start with a quick explanation of essential parts and elaborate on them further on.A computer is made up of a case, als... Read More »

How to Use Parts of My Old Computer in My New One?

When it comes to technology, the cycle of constant upgrades ensures that new CPUs or hard drives are always in the pipeline. If you're a buyer, however, the downside is that your hardware can becom... Read More »

How to Build a Computer From Different Parts?

Building your own PC is fun and easy, and can be done with a few hundred dollars in components and some simple hand tools. Besides being an interesting hobby and a good way to learn about computer ... Read More »