Getting My Wisdom Teeth Pulled And Scared!?

Answer You will be completely numb. You should not feel any pain at all during the procedure, just a little bit of pressure. There's no need to worry! You may feel a little bit of discomfort after the num... Read More »

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What is in the IV that is placed in your arm when your wisdom teeth are pulled?

AnswerIt might be different in different people's cases although in my case .. my doctor put what is called Liquid Vallum in the iv. This is a type of sedation

Got my wisdom teeth pulled need help?

Stiches will fall out on there own. Eat anything that is soft for the first couple of days. Constantly clean the holes out, you don't want food particles in the hole as it heals, or it could cause ... Read More »

Anyone every have their wisdom teeth pulled?

Do you have to get wisdom teeth pulled?

i am 32 and i still have mine. the dentist told me that they shouldn't give me any trouble. if they do then he will pull them. ask your dentist.