Getting Braces in 5 days?

Answer First things first: RELAX!!! It's perfectly normal to be worried, but there's really no need. Tip 1: Eat lots of food before you get your braces because you won't be able to eat for about a week af... Read More »

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I got braces two days ago..?

When I got braces I didn't floss for about the first week because it hurt too bad but I did brush better to try to make up for it. As long as you do start to floss when your teeth stop hurting it s... Read More »

I'm getting braces in 2 days any tips?

When i got my braces i couldn't eat solids for a few days. Everyone's different so this may not happen to you. So basically what happens is first they'll clean your teeth, then they put fluoride on... Read More »

My braces hurt and I am getting bad sores in my mouth. Got them 3 days ago. Please HELP!?

sores are very normal when you first get braces. your mouth just has to get used to them and the tissue will get tougher and then you wont be as sensitive to the brackets.for now? need som... Read More »

I just got my braces off like, 2 days ago and my teeth look really big and yellow... any sugestions?

Well, this means that you didn't brush enough with the braces on, so you can always get cosmetic surgery, but you should have brushed better when you had them on.