Getting 4 premolars pulled for braces?

Answer Maybe theses videos will help you decide what to do:………http://www.youtu... Read More »

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Do you regret having your premolars extracted for braces?

Thanks for using my quotes regarding bicuspid extraction and I can assure you that all those statements are true from seeing them first hand in private practice. The front teeth play an extremely i... Read More »

How long does an adult have to wait to get braces after getting their wisdom teeth pulled?

The bottom answer is not totally correct.You must wait at least a few weeks, preferably 3 months, before getting braces in order to let the gums and the bone heal properly before putting on braces.... Read More »

I got two premolars and one baby tooth removed why are my gums itching?

Itching of gums generally means two things:1) local itching - itching of your extraction sites usually means HEALING. That is good and nothing to worry about.2) global itching or misplaced itching ... Read More »

Will removing my second premolars make room for wisdom teeth?

NO and you should know that pulling premolars to make room will have the following undesirable effects: it will make your mouth smaller, it will make your nose and chin more prominent, it will caus... Read More »