Get my hair like this?

Answer Well this is obviously not shoulder length hair.. you would need to got at least 16' extensions! The most long-term way of getting extensions would most likely be 'micro bead' extensions. They will... Read More »

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How did I get my hair like this?

you need to curl you hair, but you want loose curls, like she has. then for the plait, you want to french plait the front bit until you reach the side of your head, preferbly above the end of your ... Read More »

How to do hair like this?

I Hope this is of some help to youTwisted Rope Braid Hair Bun Updo Hairstyle for Long Hair Tutorial…High Bun & rope braid tutorial Read More »

How do i get my hair like this?

Well if you want red tips and have uncoloured hair I would suggest using the product in this vid…If it has had colour in it try the bleaching and crazy c... Read More »

How can I get my hair like this?