Get anxiety after a good party up?

Answer Nice same name as me dude xD well you'd only have to feel that way if you're blacking out at those parties because really i've gotten drunk lots of times and yeah I've done and said stupid stuff bu... Read More »

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Is calamari tips in tomato sauce a good dish to serve at an after-circumcision dinner party?

I'd think tortellini in tomato sauce might be a bigger hit.Just a thought...

How to Cope With Holiday Party Anxiety?

You and your family (especially the kids) can get overwhelmed waiting for the day of the Holiday Party. You have to learn how to cope with holiday anxiety (and help others cope with that too.) Othe... Read More »

How to Overcome Anxiety After an Interview?

Are you worried about what you said in the interview? Maybe you think you didn't answer the question correctly. You know you really want this scholarship or job. What should you do then?

Can marijuana(weed) cause persistent anxiety after just one use?

Your having what is called an Anxiety attack. Your reading way too much off the internet and self diagnosing your issues. Calm down. Your body is going through changes. First of all that is caused ... Read More »