Get Acquainted Activities for the Fifth & Sixth Grade?

Answer Fifth and sixth grades are often the first school years where students change classrooms during the day. Without the security of being in the classroom with the same people they have been with for ... Read More »

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Icebreaker Activities for Sixth Grade?

For many students, sixth grade is the first year of middle school. It's their first year in a new building and classrooms filled with new people. Icebreaker activities are a great way to start a ne... Read More »

Fun Classroom Activities for the Sixth Grade?

In most schools around the country, sixth graders are either the "seniors" of elementary school and spend their time touting that status or the "freshman" of middle school, trying to be cool. Eithe... Read More »

Sixth-Grade Color Activities?

For sixth-graders, coloring is child's play, so if you are looking for a coloring activity to keep a sixth-grader busy, then it has to be more mature than taking a page from a princess coloring boo... Read More »

Spelling Activities for Sixth Grade?

Standard spelling is important for communication because a misspelled word may make an otherwise intelligent person seem silly. Because building spelling skills is a lifelong goal, every student in... Read More »