Gestures That Are Offensive in India?

Answer Many travelers encounter problems abroad due to cultural differences. Gestures, for instance, vary widely in meaning from one country to another. A harmless gesture in America may be offensive in o... Read More »

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Male Gestures That Indicate He Is Attracted?

Males make many movements and gestures to indicate they are attracted to others. Some of these gestures are quite obvious and can be easily identified. Others are much more subtle and are harder to... Read More »

I am in india ,Can you guide me that I should take VOIP service provider from india or USA (5 and 15 dollar)?

all I can tell you, if you choose an US VoIP provider, then you will need an US address. The address must match the credit card number! ( you could use family or friends) many ppl from India do it ... Read More »

Do you think that Family guy is just offensive and not funny now?

Hate to break it to you, but Seth MacFarlane is just a liberal atheist and everything he does reflects that. I don't know what Family Guy you were watching, but it's always had overt religious mock... Read More »

Is it possible to use a Dryer that has been bought in USA in India. India has a input power supply of 230v 50Hz. Dryer - MaytagPerforma Model PDET910AYW 3 WIRE 60Hz 120-240V 26A 5750 W?

It is important that you should read see the answer to the Related Question shown below: "Can you plug a US 240v 60Hz appliance into a European 230v 50Hz outlet?". No, sorry. Most US dryers have... Read More »