Germanium Transistor Characteristics?

Answer Transistors are electronic components that act as amplifiers and high-speed switches. The first experimental and commercial examples used germanium, an element that, mixed with traces of other elem... Read More »

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Characteristics of Silicon & Germanium Diodes?

Rectifier diodes are electronic devices that are used to control the current flow direction in an electrical circuit. Two commonly used materials for diodes are germanium and silicon. While both ge... Read More »

The Appearance & Characteristics of Organic Germanium?

While germanium (Ge) is the chemical element number 32, organic germanium is the common name of the germanium compound bis-carboxyethyl germanium sesquioxide, which is found in coal, germanite and ... Read More »

Why transistor is called transistor of resistor?

We can say a transistor contains diodes. But generally we cant say it contains resisters. Because they are too different in their structure. So as i heard it would newer called like that.

How to Tell a PNP Transistor From an NPN Transistor?

In bipolar junction transistors, the letters "P" and "N" refer to the type of semiconductor layers used for the transistor's base, collector and emitter. NPN and PNP transistors come in a variety o... Read More »