German food?

Answer Bratwurst (sausage) and Sauerkraut..your description sounds like cordon that right?i added a picture…

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Where can you watch or download One Piece from episode 262 to the end on GERMAN but with no German subs it must be in German language?

you can watch the new episodes on the link below. just search for the episode you will watch (just like youtube) but beware there are BOTH the German dub AND the German sub versions the episodes... Read More »

Do you like German Food?

I have a friend from Germany and his mom makes the best food I've ever put in my mouth....

German Vegetarian Finger Food?

Oh wow put in to your search web just that "German vegetarian finger foods " they came up ! Have fun ! i am gonna go back and read up sounds yummy :)

What are some good German food cuisine?

In the German Food Cuisine the meats that are used are chicken, all kinds of poultry meats, beef and ham. Ham is used most widely and is the most sought after meat in Germany.