German Hand Tools in WWII?

Answer German soldiers in World War II were issued a standard set of equipment, including a helmet, a gas mask, ammunition pouches, a mess tin and bread bag, a water bottle, and an "assault pack," which w... Read More »

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What happened to the people of the german ss after wwii?

The SS, or Schutzstaffel, acted as an elite military force for the Nazi party in World War II. After the war, the Allied forces caught surviving members of the Nazi party, including the SS. They fa... Read More »

The Proper Name of German Boots in WWII?

One of the most frightening images brought to mind by totalitarian regimes is that of mindless columns of soldiers marching in uniform with perfect syncopation. While the Nazi Wehrmacht was eager t... Read More »

How to Sell German Military Books From WWII?

World War II was a monumental occasion for much of the world. It is one of the most famous wars in history and many people collect memorabilia, including books, from this time period. Having a coll... Read More »

In WWII Movies, Why Do The Germans Always Speak English, But With A German Accent?

Every so often you see a movie that has subtitles, but generally audiences don't like that sort of thing. Sometimes they give a few sentences in German, and then let the "translation" take over an... Read More »