Gerbera Cultivation?

Answer Gerbera daisies are one of the most commonly cultivated and one of the most important flowers, around the world. According to Preesman B.V., a cultivation company, this success is due to the "wide ... Read More »

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Epiphyllum Cultivation?

The rich, green landscape of the jungle is not the setting most people think of for a cactus, but that's just where the rare epiphyllum cacti thrive. Originating in tropical Central and South Ameri... Read More »

Mangosteen Cultivation?

Mangosteen is a slow-growing tropical tree that produces a fruit with a fleshy purple rind containing white seed-bearing segments. The flesh is tangy and firm with a flavor similar to peach. To cul... Read More »

Barberry Cultivation?

Barberry, a group that includes a number of Berberis species and dozens of cultivars, is a popular flowering landscape shrub. As tough as it is attractive, barberry tolerates a wide variety of soil... Read More »

Papaver Cultivation?

Papavers are a genus of poppies that include dozens of varieties, ranging from the colorful oriental poppy to the narcotic opium poppy. The easily grow from seeds sown directly in gardens or starte... Read More »