Geophysics Used in Anthropology?

Answer One of the most exciting sub-fields of anthropology is archaeology. While archaeologists rarely encounter the cliff-hanging adventures you see in the movies, they do have the chance to discover ent... Read More »

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Definition of Geophysics?

Because the universe is so complex and interconnected, the various disciplines of science---such as chemistry, geology and physics---often converge together. This creates such hybrid fields as bioc... Read More »

Geophysics Course Requirements?

Geophysics is a discipline within science that uses quantitative observation and analysis to study the Earth and its physical properties. Data is collected and used to study the internal structure ... Read More »

Geophysics is the study of what?

Geophysics is both an earth science discipline and a physics subdiscipline. Geophysics is the study of the earth and its properties through the quantitative tools of physics and mathematics rather ... Read More »

Geophysics Degrees?

Many universities that offer strong programs in earth sciences will have a geophysics department or offer geophysics degrees. Although there are degrees only in geophysics, it is also possible to f... Read More »