Geometry Activities for Grades K-8?

Answer Geometry is a huge part of mathematics and is very important to know in life as well. Geometry is used even in the most advanced mathematics. Basic geometry will typically be learned before kinderg... Read More »

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Grade 5 Geometry Activities?

Geometry helps students acquire the ability to describe, compare, represent and relate to objects in their surrounding environments. Geometry is an age-appropriate subject where students' individua... Read More »

Grade 6 Geometry Activities?

Geometry can be used to calculate the trajectories of objects in outer space or to design origami objects or fractal art. By interacting with geometry through art projects, WebQuests and lesson pla... Read More »

Ideas for Geometry Activities?

Geometry is the area of mathematics that deals with flat and three dimensional shapes, lines, rays, angles and measurements. The Internet is chock full of websites that will help you practice geome... Read More »

Motivational Activities for Geometry?

Getting students motivated to better understand geometry will help them improve their grades and to retain more of the information you are covering. Use hands-on, visual demonstrations to teach thi... Read More »