Geometric Shapes Activities for 2nd Grade?

Answer Learning geometry is a valuable skill for elementary school students. Not only does basic shape recognition help them with their future math skills, it also tests their ability to forge spatial rel... Read More »

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Kindergarten Activities on Geometric Shapes?

A foundational skill for kindergarteners is the ability to identify, name, sort and compare geometric shapes. While some students may already know basic shapes and names, it is important to continu... Read More »

Kindergarten Math Activities Involving Geometric Shapes?

Even kindergartners know that geometric shapes such as circles, triangles and squares are all around us. Now try expanding their understanding of geometry by showing them shapes such as the hexagon... Read More »

Grade 1 Math Activities on Shapes?

By the end of grade one, students are expected to identify shapes, draw them and describe the differences between each shape. Children should be able to recognize shapes from multiple perspectives ... Read More »

Elements of Geometric Shapes in Design?

Design is how art is applied to products to create an object that is both visually appealing and useful. This is done by using simple geometric shapes to make the product. If you look around your e... Read More »