Geologist Qualifications?

Answer Geologists focus their studies on the physical structures of Earth. To enter the field, aspiring geologists usually have to get a master's degree. They also may have to complete licensure requireme... Read More »

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How to Be a Geologist?

Geologists are a kind of geoscientist specializing in the physical history of the earth. A geologist studies rocks, how they were formed and the occurrences which have shaped them since their forma... Read More »

What is a forensic geologist?

A forensic geologist studies geological substances--soil, mud, minerals and others--to contribute to criminal investigations.OriginsThe notion that geological knowledge could be helpful in criminal... Read More »

Salary of a Survey Geologist?

Geologists gather data by investigating the layers of rock, soil and water that make up the earth. This data can then be used to detect resources like minerals and oil, or to determine the best way... Read More »

Job Description for a Marine Geologist?

Marine geologists are hydrologists who study the earth. What sets them apart from geologists is these scientists study areas of the earth that are under water. Using sonar and acoustic techniques, ... Read More »