Geological Engineer Job Description?

Answer Geological engineering is a field that combines engineering technology and practices with geological research. Geological engineers study the Earth's natural resources and composition and use compl... Read More »

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What Do You Need For College to Become a Geological Engineer?

Geological engineers study natural resources and develop philosophies and tactics to extract minerals and petroleum from underneath the Earth's surface. Colleges and universities educate students i... Read More »

What is the job description of an engineer?

Engineers use science and mathematics to solve problems and build things. Engineers are responsible for developing ships, cars, toys, computer systems, artificial organs and just about anything els... Read More »

Studio Engineer Job Description?

A studio engineer produces the sounds of movies, television, radio, CDs and more. Much of a studio engineer's job relies on technology, specifically with electronics and computers. According to the... Read More »

Job Description of an Assistant Engineer?

An assistant engineer is an engineer who works under the supervising or senior engineer. These professionals can work in a variety of engineering industries and provide assistance to engineers work... Read More »