Geological Engineer Job Description?

Answer Geological engineering is a field that combines engineering technology and practices with geological research. Geological engineers study the Earth's natural resources and composition and use compl... Read More »

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What Do You Need For College to Become a Geological Engineer?

Geological engineers study natural resources and develop philosophies and tactics to extract minerals and petroleum from underneath the Earth's surface. Colleges and universities educate students i... Read More »

Job Description of an Assistant Engineer?

An assistant engineer is an engineer who works under the supervising or senior engineer. These professionals can work in a variety of engineering industries and provide assistance to engineers work... Read More »

Utilities Engineer Job Description?

Utilities engineers are hired by manufacturing companies, government agencies and other organizations to provide a wide spectrum of engineering tasks for machinery that is created, operated and mon... Read More »

Job Description for a Proposal Engineer?

A proposal engineer has to produce documents relating to the expenses and financial risk of engineer projects. The profession commands a competitive salary range and requires a specific level of ed... Read More »