Geode Classifications?

Answer Geodes are roughly spherical or oval-shaped rock formations found in layers of sedimentary or igneous volcanic rock. The harder geodes often erode out of the softer limestone or sandstone matrix ro... Read More »

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Is geode a word?

Geode is a word. It is a type of hollow stone often lined with crystals, or any object similarly shaped. The original derivation of the word is from the Greek "geodes," which means earth or earthly... Read More »

What is the definition of a geode?

Geodes refer to round rock formations that have a hollow, crystal-lined cavity. Geodes that are not hollow are called nodules. The word "geode" comes from the Greek "Geoides," which translates to "... Read More »

Is a geode a mineral?

A geode is not a mineral. However, minerals such as calcite and quartz are found within geodes. Geodes are hollow rocks that are filled with crystals. The word geode originates from the Greek word ... Read More »

What kind of rock is a geode?

A geode can be either igneous or sedimentary in nature, depending on its origins. An igneous geode begins when a bubble forms in volcanic rock, while a sedimentary geode occurs when sediment covers... Read More »