Generation gap in religion and music generetion gap in politics and fashion?

Answer Rapidly moving backward

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What is the most conservative state in Australia with regards to politics and religion?

All the States have had Labor and Liberal governments from time to time. None is particularly conservative although some areas of each State are. This is seen in the "safe" seats for both parties. ... Read More »

How did Red Skelton get away with mocking both religion and politics in the fade-out of his program First the idiot and May God Bless then a parody of a Sousa march?

I never could figure this out as it mocks two traditionaly sacrosanct subjects Religion and politics. The Parody was even more objectionable as it was cut off abruptly-And if you think that this is... Read More »

To put music on your Ipod mini 1st generation do need to buy from Itunes or can you use music you have somewhere else for free?

Answer yes you can but u need to import your music to ur itunes. so if u have windows media player or something else you make a file of all the music u want on ur itunes/ipod and then drag or copy ... Read More »

How much music can you put to a 8GB i touch 4th generation?

Oh that's easy to answer... 8GB of music :) which will work out at between 1500 and 1750 songs (depending on the length of song and the compression used). Adding apps, videos and photos to the iPod... Read More »