Generating Collagen in the Skin?

Answer As a person ages, the amount of collagen produced by the skin decreases. Collagen is responsible for the skin's elasticity, and low amounts can cause wrinkles to appear on the surface of the skin. ... Read More »

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How to Drink Collagen for the Skin?

Collagen is a group of proteins that occurs naturally in the human body. It's present in connective tissue, major organs, and even bones. However, when people think of collagen, many instantly thin... Read More »

How to Build Skin Collagen?

The skin is an important, and largest, organ on the body. Collagen, a protein found in skin, provides elasticity and strength to the skin, both of which prevent wrinkling and aging. As the body age... Read More »

How to Boost the Collagen in Your Skin?

Collagen is what gives skin its natural strength and resilience. As part of the aging process, we begin to lose the ability to produce collagen naturally. Young, supple skin gives way to sagging, l... Read More »

Collagen Skin Cream Information?

Over-the-counter skin creams containing collagen promise to plump up wrinkles, and some actually state they will help your body reproduce collagen. The FDA doesn't evaluate cosmetic products for e... Read More »