General Tire Problems?

Answer Tires encounter a number of general problems, so it is important that tires receive proper maintenance for the safety of the driver and drivers of other vehicles on the road.

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General Tire Specifications?

General tire specifications in a car involve the required tread depth, tread design and tire pressure needed for ideal use and operation of the vehicle. These specifications vary depending on the v... Read More »

Who owns general tire?

General Tire is an automotive supply company owned by Continental AG in Germany. In the United States, the company is operated under Continental AG's subsidiary, Continental Tire North America, Inc... Read More »

Tire Wear Problems?

Maintaining tires on your automobile is a simple measure you can take to help ensure your safety as well as that of other drivers. Keeping tires properly inflated will help ensure longer tire life ... Read More »

General Motors Engine Problems?

GM is generally regarded as a fairly reliable automaker. Though standardization on "corporate" engines companywide has helped to reduce engine malfunctions over the years, every so often a bad egg ... Read More »