General Motors Engine Problems?

Answer GM is generally regarded as a fairly reliable automaker. Though standardization on "corporate" engines companywide has helped to reduce engine malfunctions over the years, every so often a bad egg ... Read More »

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What is a General Motors Vortec engine?

The General Motors Vortec engine is a brand name for all GM engines in 2009. Displacement sizes range 2.2 liters to 8.1 liters. The engines have been in production since 1993.BackgroundEach Vortec ... Read More »

General Motors Engine Information?

General Motors has developed numerous engines in many variations for GM cars and trucks since 1909. Among them are the early in-line four-cylinder, the in-line six-cylinder, the compact V-6, the sm... Read More »

5W-20 Engine Oil Specifications for Ford and General Motors?

Many manufacturers have shifted to 5W-20 from 5W-30 oil in new production vehicles. The 5W-20 is a thinner oil (at operating temperatures) and thus raises concerns as to whether it protects and lub... Read More »

How to Replace the Oil Pressure Sending Unit on 5.3 General Motors Engine?

General Motors is an American automotive corporation. Its vehicle brand lineup includes Buick, Chevrolet, GMC and Cadillac. Some of the company’s vehicles utilize a 5.3-liter V8 engine, including... Read More »