General Microprocessor Features?

Answer Although computers perform seemingly amazing feats and contribute to many important aspects of most people's lives, the functions of a computer are a mystery to some people. When building or disass... Read More »

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What year did Intel Corporation introduce the first commercial general purpose microprocessor?

Intel revolutionized the word of technology with the introduction of the 4004 microprocessor in November 1971. Accompanied with the heading, "Announcing a new era of integrated electronics," the 40... Read More »

When a General Contractors General Liability Insurance is up for renewal is there a grace period after the date of experation that the General Contractor is still covered under to decide to renew?

No. If you elect to renew coverage two days after expiration, some companies may agree to make coverage continuous (for licensing/contract requirements) but they will likely require you to sign a N... Read More »

Microprocessor Theory?

Microprocessors are the central hardware that run computers. There are several components that make a processor. The first is the transistor. Next, are logic gates where you put more than one trans... Read More »

Why is a microprocessor important?

There are many parts inside your computer and the microprocessor, or CPU, is one of them most important. The microprocessor determines many things about how your computer operates.HistoryThe first ... Read More »