General Classroom Activities?

Answer There are many types of activities that can be conducted in the classroom to facilitate classroom instruction or to reinforce concepts presented. Some activities are designed to teach material, whi... Read More »

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General Classroom Safety?

With all the electronic equipment, technology, heavy items and many students in one classroom, accidents can happen within its walls. However, if the teacher sets up safety expectations and teaches... Read More »

General Problems Encountered by Learners in the Classroom?

Students encounter various problems in the classroom during the learning process, problems that if not dealt with properly can place a roadblock in many areas of life. General problems encountered ... Read More »

Pros to Having Disabled Children in the General Classroom?

Children in the classroom exemplify diversity not only by ethnicity and native language, but also by their disabilities. Disabled children who spend all or part of the school day in general classro... Read More »

Good Titles for Teachers in a General Education Classroom?

While many teachers specialize in a particular area, such as history or math, and teach that subject exclusively, other teachers take on general education classes: teaching all the core subjects to... Read More »