Gelatin replacement question?

Answer Yes, arrowroot is a great substitute for cornstarch in most situations, but you may try tapioca starch too. I find it works great and doesn't break down at sustained high temperatures like arrowroo... Read More »

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How much knox gelatin is equal to 1 package flavored gelatin?

Both one envelope Knox unflavored gelatin (about 1/4 oz. or 1 tbsp.) and one small package of flavored gelatin contain enough gelatin to set two cups of liquid. The rest of the flavored gelatin's b... Read More »


Veggie safe gelatin alternative:Agar, arrowroot, corn starch, guar gum, xanthan gumhere's more alternatives:Buttermilk Curdled soy milk (1 c soy milk + 2 T lemon juice or white vinegar) Cheese - S... Read More »

Does gelatin cause constipation?

No jello is easy on the digestive system and passes easily. I think lime and orange are the best.

Uses for Beef Gelatin?

Beef gelatin is made by a process of boiling the bones and hide of cattle. The contaminates are chemically and physically removed from the materials before the process starts. Beef gelatin is class... Read More »