Gel Cell Charging Procedures?

Answer Gel cell batteries such as those used in cars, trucks and other vehicles must be charged in three steps: bulk, absorption and float. While alternators and other such charging machines charge gel ce... Read More »

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Auto AC Vapor Charging Procedures?

A car's air conditioning (AC) functions to keep the driver and passengers comfortable in warm to hot climates. If it is malfunctioning due to low refrigerant levels, the system can be easily rechar... Read More »

The Proper Charging Procedures for a Cellphone Battery?

When you charge your cellphone's battery, you usually do so without giving it much thought. The battery charging process, though, is more complicated than some people think. All cellphone models ar... Read More »

How to Use Your Cell Phone While Its Still Charging?

You don't know how to use your cell while it's charging? Here's the article for you!

Is it dangerous to use a cell phone while it's charging?

Did you get that E Mail that's doing the rounds? shows a guy burnt and blown up with a smoking mobile nearby, I think it's a fake, as the charger only gives out 9 volts!