Gears in printers are made up of what type of plastic,,,reply please very urgent?

Answer On just a guess I would say nylon

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PLEAse ReAd VeRy UrGeNt!?

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Guys please help me , its very urgent now?

click near the letters which appear like symbolscheck the font style in the above menu bar then download and install the font style mentioned in the menu bar .... then close and open the doc again ... Read More »

Modem help please very urgent!?

I take it your modem is working and is connected to an internet enabled phone line or cable!?!Were you connected to this modem when you typed this message?Is anyone else able to connect to the inte... Read More »

Urgent!!! Please help!!!! VERY IMPORTANT!!!?

I read almost every answers here, theyre all silly, immature, and clueless.The graphics card, motherboard, and/ or RAM can be a little faulty..... there are other causes but these are the most comm... Read More »