Gear Drive Oil Treatment?

Answer To keep your car in excellent running condition, you must check the oil in the engine, the coolant in the radiator and even the brake and steering fluids. You must also check the gear oil in the... Read More »

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Can you drive your car in 3rd gear?

You can drive your car in any gear that your car provides as long as you gradually shift into it. Jumping gears is bad for your transmission but gradually shifting into the gear of choice is a safe... Read More »

Gear Drive Instructions?

Operating manual gears is very different from driving an automatic transmission. With the addition of the clutch pedal, manual gears require good coordination between the operator's hands and feet.... Read More »

Gear Drive Timing Disadvantages?

Aftermarket camshaft gear drive setups are known for their reliability, precision and constant-use durability. However, these virtues are not without their cost in both monetary and dynamic terms. ... Read More »

Gear Drive Vs. Timing Chain?

Two important parts control the engine of your car or truck. One is the gear drive, which controls the gear that the vehicle is in and allows you to easily change it. The other is a timing chain. T... Read More »