Gauging a blown out ear?

Answer If you continue to gauge quickly you will end up with a very bad ear. That knot is probably a keloid and could get much worse. You need to gauge slowly. Check with your piercer for advice and re... Read More »

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I ripped my ear while gauging.. help?

Go to the hospital or call a nurse. If you don't take care of it, it WILL get infected and you have a huge chance of losing an ear. :) OUCH by the way lol

Ear stretching/gauging!?

I mean, it's always better to give it a bit longer when it doubt, but no one can force you to wait & it sounds like you've already made up your mind. Even if you do decide to wait, you're not likel... Read More »

Gauging my ears, and I have some questions...?

1. Start at a 16g. A typical piercing is an 18g, so the next size up is a 16g. 2. This depends on how large you want to go. For some people, if they go past a 2g, they will never shrink, but f... Read More »

Gauging your ears :) I think it looks super, how about you?

Pet Peeve- It's called stretching, not "gauging". Gauging is some term teens seemed to have come up with when "gauge" is only used in reference to the size jewelry placed in a piercing.Stretching a... Read More »