Gator or squirrel. which is tastier?

Answer Vermin!

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Red squirrel vs. Grey squirrel, who would win?

The Grey Squirrel has the Red Squirrel on the ropes, and is about to stave it's skull in with a walnut when Grandpapa Smurf turns up and incinerates the Grey Squirrel with a fireball spell... or pe... Read More »

What is tastier sushi or pizza?

How to Make an Oatmeal Breakfast Tastier and More Interesting?

Everyone knows that oatmeal is very healthy. However, it is understandable that sometimes, plain oatmeal by itself may become boring. Here is a way to spice it up.

Why were meals so much tastier back in the olden days?

Well, nobody cared about nutrition that much so everything was loaded with fat (butter, lard) and the salt shaker was ever-present. Nobody counted fat grams or calories. Heck, there weren't even ... Read More »