Gateway15.6 dual core with blue ray drive good?

Answer Yes it Comes in Widescreen and in HD unlike othe movies.

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Does anyone have detailed instructions on how to install a 2nd Hard Drive in a Power Mac G5 Dual Core ?

You simply plug it into the empty port. There should also be a power cable spare for it. Plug that in as well and screw the drive into the bay.When you start the comp up use disc utility to reforma... Read More »

If I were to go from a 2.6ghz dual core to a 3.2 ghz dual core, would it make a difference?

There's not a lot of discernible difference -…Compare those ratings with a Phenom II x6 in the high end chart, those score near 6 times more (not 6x faste... Read More »

Is AMD APU Dual Core a good processor?

It depends on how you define good and what your needs are. If web-browsing and watching HD video are what you're doing most, then yes.

Is a 2Ghz dual core processor good?

It really depends on what kind of processor. A Celeron Dual-Core is pretty horrible no matter what GHz it is.Go with at least Pentium Dual-Core:…