Gasoline Tax Deductions?

Answer Fuel costs such as the cost of gasoline for vehicles are common expenses that workers and businesses face in the course of performing jobs and carrying on normal business activities. Fuel expenses ... Read More »

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Why are gasoline vapors more flammable than liquid gasoline?

Oxygen is required for gasoline to burn. There is far more oxygen in gasoline vapor than in liquid gasoline. This is why the flame is on top of a puddle of gas. Just the vapor is burning.

Tax Deductions for Pastors?

A member of the clergy may be considered an employee of the congregation if the pastor is paid a salary by the church organization, according to WorldWideWeb Tax. In certain circumstances, a pastor... Read More »

Freelance Tax Deductions?

If you are a freelancer, it means you are self-employed. As a result, you are solely responsible not only for your day-to-day business operations but also for your own advertisement, marketing, ins... Read More »

Common Deductions?

Understanding tax laws can help you to save a substantial sum of money. For many common expenses, you can choose to opt for a standard deduction (a flat sum), or you can itemize your deductions, cl... Read More »