Gas exchange can occur most easily in which leaf tissue?

Answer Gas exchange in plants occurs on the underside of leaves though tiny holes called stomata on the lower epidermis. They are located on the underside in order to shield the stomata from direct sunlig... Read More »

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Which bathroom tissue is most absorbent?

On One Hand: Cottonelle Ultra Is The Best Cottonelle ProductCottonelle Ultra Toilet Paper is the most absorbent toilet paper of the three Cottonelle products. This brand is available in big roll, d... Read More »

Which toilet tissue is the most biodegradable?

All toilet tissue is biodegradable, but some chemicals used in making toilet paper leave harmful residue when the paper breaks down. According to Greenpeace, these toilet paper brands that are made... Read More »

Which state does most child abuse occur?

i have no idea but i would say California

Can a 1031 exchange occur between family members?

On One Hand: Requirements to Satisfy the IRSRelated Party exchanges are allowable by the IRS, but come under close scrutiny and must follow established guidelines. In order to qualify, both parties... Read More »