Garmin GPS just turns on but doesn't do anything else...?

Answer Sorry you had to repost your question.Try this site to reset to factory settings.…Hope it works for you!D

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If you have just a headache is there anything else you can do besides taking a tablet?

Rest in a dark, quiet room and try to relax. Rub your temples with mild pressure. It shouldn't be uncomfortable to do so. If it is, put less pressure or stop rubbing. You can wet a wash cloth or ... Read More »

How do you fix your samsung intensity 2 the screen turned black for no reason but everything else works you just cant see anything?

My ipod froze, like it doesnt do anything , when i tried to plug in to computer it still didn't do anything,?

Press and hold menu and select for 5 seconds and it will reset.

If I boot windows on an sdd is anything else sped up besides just the boot time?

The short answer is yes. Anything that requires accessing the disk will be faster. Everything is stored on your disk so it will be copied in to ram faster from a SSD.