Gardening Tips for a Magnolia Tree?

Answer Magnolia trees grow best in areas that experience minimal winter freezing. They thrive throughout the southern United States, providing year around interest to the home landscape. An evergreen tree... Read More »

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Magnolia Tree Troubleshooting Tips?

Magnolia trees are generally easy to care for. Most of the insects, diseases and fungal problems that the tree experiences are mild. However, sometimes these problems can take over the tree and cau... Read More »

How old is the magnolia tree?

The magnolia tree is millions of years old. Magnolia fossils have been found that date back 36 million to 58 million years. They have been widely used in Asia and the Americas. In 1688, magnolia tr... Read More »

How to Grow a Magnolia Tree?

Magnolia trees are magnificent when in full bloom. If you have the space for one in your garden, you'll get both beauty and shade. Tolerant of city environments, and of pollution, these are an idea... Read More »

How to Water a Magnolia Tree?

Magnolia trees grow in the southern United States and along both coasts. These tall, stately trees have large, broad leaves that provide shade to the landscape. An evergreen tree, magnolias provide... Read More »