Gardenia Plants That Are Toxic to Dogs?

Answer Gardenias are described by the University of Rhode Island as shrubs and ornamental plants that thrive in the southern portion of the United States, as they cannot tolerate severe cold. There are se... Read More »

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Are Hibiscus Plants Toxic to Dogs?

There are more than 200 varieties of hibiscus flowers and plants. The hibiscus species is very versatile. Some species can be found in garden landscapes, while others are used as primary ingredient... Read More »

List of Foods & Plants That Are Toxic to Dogs?

Many common foods and plants in your home and yard can make your dog sick. Sometimes a dog will consume just a little, with no obvious bad effects. However, many of these items cause organ damage t... Read More »

How do I take care of gardenia plants?

PlantingPlant gardenias in well-drained soil that has been improved by the addition of 3 to 4 inches of organic matter--such as compost, manure or peat moss. Locate the plant near a patio or a door... Read More »

Can gardenia plants be rooted from cuttings?

Gardenia plants can be rooted from cuttings. The cutting should be taken from the tip of the branch, preferably no less than five inches in length. Only the top two sets of leaves should be left on... Read More »