Garden Worms Information?

Answer Garden worms form the basis of the ecological system by establishing optimal soil conditions for plants to grow and thrive in. A healthy garden is host to thousands of worms, which function as mini... Read More »

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How do I add worms to a garden?

Adding wormsAdd earthworms to your garden at the rate of only a few per square foot, according to the website Tennessee Crawlers. Earthworms need organic matter such as decaying plant material, pe... Read More »

How do I add worms to my garden?

Prepare the SoilTake steps to condition your garden soil before adding your worms. Night crawlers or red wiggler composting worms need organic matter to feed on and cannot easily survive in nutrie... Read More »

Facts About Garden Worms?

The lowly earthworm may not look like much, but it plays an essential, helpful role in your garden. Not just known as fish bait anymore, gardeners value these humble invertebrates as powerhouse com... Read More »

Why are worms good for your garden?

Worms are great for too many reasons to mention here but they aerate the soil – eat the micro-organisms that are feeding on decaying matter (and inadvertently eat soil, which they need to grind u... Read More »