Garden Fertilizer Application?

Answer Applying fertilizer is an important step in the preparation of a new garden. It assures that any nutrient deficiency will be corrected and that the plants will get all they need to thrive. Even lan... Read More »

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Fertilizer Application Methods?

Many people think that growing plants simply involves sunlight and water, but they are missing a key step to keeping plants healthy. While a weekly watering may suffice for houseplants, those inter... Read More »

Application of Organic Fertilizer?

Organic fertilizers are the most effective way to feed your plants; they are earth-friendly and don't contain the harsh chemicals found in many traditional store-bought fertilizers that can often b... Read More »

How to Calculate Fertilizer Application Rates?

When you buy commercial fertilizer, you'll see three numbers on the label. They indicate the percentage by weight of three nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, abbreviated N-P-K. If you r... Read More »

Spray Techniques for Fertilizer Application?

Fertilizer comes in either granular or liquid form. Liquid fertilizers penetrate into the root zones of lawn grasses and ornamental plants more quickly, which may lead to quicker greening. These fe... Read More »